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Diploma "Battle on the River Choloki"

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Diploma "Battle on the River Choloki"


Historical reference.

June 16, 1854, near the village of Ozuregti, Russian troops defeated the Turks. The Ottoman Empire, which declared war with Russia at the instigation of England and France in 1853, was confident of success. Turkey had many territorial claims to its longtime opponent, the plans of the Port were to return the Crimea and the South Caucasus. Even before the outbreak of hostilities in August 1853, the Turks collected on the border with Russia 100 thousand army. The Anatolian army under the command of Abdi-pasha and with the support of Shamil's detachments had to seize the border fortresses in Russia, in which there were a few garrisons with a total strength of 20,000, to seize Tiflis, the capital of the Caucasian vicegerency, and go further. "The tsar must be thrown back for the Terek and the Kuban," was the plan of the Turkish command. But the campaign of 1853 the Turks lost. In the winter of 1853-1854, the Ottomans, with the help of French and British specialists, were intensively engaged in the reorganization of the army. The number of troops brought up to 120,000 bayonets and sabers, now it is six times higher than the number of the Russian corps. The main goal for the Turks was still Tiflis. The Vanguard of the Anatolian army marched at the end of May 1854, but in the battle near the village of Nigotei was defeated by a Russian detachment under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Prince Nikolai Eristov.


The Battle of the Choloki River decided the outcome of the campaign of 1854. The Turks were not helped either by the numerical superiority, or by the "advanced" military advisers from England and France.


Conditions of implementation of the diploma:

The diploma is founded by radio club "Dolphins" and MO SRR across Sochi.

The diploma is devoted to an event which once again showed courage, courage and ability to protect the Homeland. Troops of the country which encroached on our territories were once again beaten.

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out radio communications (observation) with the radio stations which are in the regions concerning formation of battalions and regiments which were involved in fight on the Choloki River.


The Crimea - 2 QSO

Krasnodar Krai – 5 QSO

The Rostov Region – 5 QSO

The Astrakhan Region – 1 QSO

St. Petersburg - 5 QSO

Moscow and the Moscow Region - 5 QSO

The Chechen republic – 1 QSO

The Republic of Dagestan – 2 QSO

Georgia – 1 QSO

Belarus – 2 QSO

Poland – 2 QSO

Lithuania - 1 QSO


For the diploma the radio communications which are carried out on any amateur HF ranges (including WARC) since 16.06.2017, are set off by different types of radiation. Repeated radio communications are set off on different ranges.


Applications in electronic form are accepted in the formats cabrilo, txt, word, Excel to the address rk6ax@drc-sochi.ru

To send paper applications to the address:
Lukashov Valentin Viktorovich
box 77 Sochi


Diplomas are issued in an electronic and paper look.
Cost of the diploma in electronic form:

- For clubmen of DRC - 20 CENT;

- For other applicants - 40 CENT.


The cost of the paper laminated diploma - 5 €.

You watch a payment procedure in the section Payment of DRC Diplomas


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