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Diploma «Decree»

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Diploma «Decree»


It is currently under great controversy about the role of Ivan IV the Terrible in Russian history. Ivan the Terrible, his reforms and innovations, was very uncomfortable to western rulers. Therefore, they did their best to denigrate and humiliate both Ivan IV, and Russia.


And the title of Grozny, he received from the ambassadors of Western countries. When they came to see him, his first words were: "Bathe these people stinks like dogs on ...". They forcibly washed.


And when, out of habit, one of the ambassadors wanted to do the toilet in the corner room, Ivan ordered: "Make to hurt his back."

After that, it was called the Terrible. These ambassadors, for the first time saw that it is possible to do the toilet, in special places, but not in the corners of the room or from the windows.


Ivan IV do it humiliated "European values", for which he was hated and started rumors about his cruelty. But after the defeat of the Poles, and Crimean Tatars during his youth, when Ivan the Terrible had saved the whole of Europe, Russia began to fear and spread rumors about the savagery and brutality of the Russian people.


The rumors that Ivan destroyed the people, absurd and insignificant.

"Boyars bribe-takers, on the rack will feed the wolves in order to discourage others were, the Tsar and his people to cheat ... and all the fools and the poor, to refer to the Okraina, in Galicia. There they were, the fools, the place .... "


Far away in time saw Ivan the Terrible.


Time will put everything in its place. Therefore, we will not judge.

Installation of the monument to Ivan the Terrible (4 November 2016) in the city of Aleksandrov, Vladimir region, restores justice in relation to the great people of Russia.


Conditions for obtaining the diploma:

The diploma is founded by radio club "Dolphins" and MO SRR across Sochi.

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out radio communications (observation) with the radio stations which are in regions in which there were at different times capitals of Russia.

For the diploma the radio communications which are carried out on any amateur HF ranges (including WARC) since 04.11.2016, are set off by different types of radiation. Repeated radio communications are set off on different ranges.


For obtaining the diploma, it is necessary to carry out on 1 QSO with the following regions and the cities:

Leningrad Region.

St. Petersburg

Vladimir Region.


Novgorod Region.

Vologda Region.

Pskov Region.

Yaroslavl Region.


Applications in electronic form are accepted in the formats cabrilo, txt, word, Excel to the address rk6ax@drc-sochi.ru

To send paper applications to the address:
Lukashov Valentin Viktorovich
box 77 Sochi


Diplomas are issued in an electronic and paper look.
Cost of the diploma in electronic form:

- For clubmen of DRC - 20 CENT;

- For other applicants - 40 CENT.


The cost of the paper laminated diploma - 5 €.

You watch a payment procedure in the section Payment of DRC Diplomas

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