***Радиоклуб «Дельфины» создан группой радиолюбителей - единомышленников в небольшом поселке Лазаревское, на побережье Черного моря. Клуб является виртуальным объединением людей, имеющих разные интересы в области любительской радиосвязи на коротких и ультракоротких волнах. В клуб принимаются все радиолюбители мира, желающие общаться, участвовать в дипломных программах, любители соревнований.***
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Diploma program «Holidays ancient Slavs»

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Diploma program «Holidays ancient Slavs»


Unfortunately, modern Slavs forget their true roots. Degree program "Holidays ancient Slavs" is aimed at restoring the memory of our ancestors. Those who consider it pagan, can think whatever they want. But people will not cut down with an ax story.

Slavic peoples have always tried to live in harmony with nature and believed that all earthly processes depend on specific dates, which were due to astronomically. Holidays ancient Slavs called the days of power. Forces Day meant by a certain rush of energy to the ground, which was the reason for a particular position of the Sun and the Moon. The ancient festivals were not taken out of nowhere, as it happens with some celebrations in our time, they marked the peak brightness of a particular activity. Knowing these special days, we, like our ancestors-Slavs, feel the life cycles of Mother Earth. Harmonization of these cycles will help not only to attach themselves to the natural processes, but also give strength to the inner core of the spiritual and physical perfection.


Conditions for obtaining diplomas: 

For the diploma the radio communications which are carried out on any amateur HF bands (including WARC) since 01.01.2013, are set off by different types of radiation. Repeated radio communications are set off on different ranges.


For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to make a phrase of any letters of a suffix in the terms specified in the list.


For example: if in 2013 you could not make a necessary phrase, you can take letters from communications of the next years, but in the terms specified in the list.


HAS 1 from January 1 to January 6 (TURITSA)

HAS 2 since January 7 - on January 8 (BABINDEN)

HAS 3 from January 9 to January 21 (PROSINETS)

HAS 4 from January 22 to January 31 (DED MOROZ AND SNEGURKA)

HAS 5 from February 1 to February 2 (GROMNITSA)

HAS 6 from February 3 to February 10 (DAY BROWNIE)

HAS 7 from February 11 to February 15 (CANDLEMAS)

HAS 8 from February 16 to February 18 (TROJAN WINTER)

HAS 9 from February 19 to February 28 (DAY MARENA)

HAS 10 from March 1 to March 14 (KOMOEDITSA)

HAS 11 from March 15 to March 22 (LARKS)

HAS 12 from March 23 to April 3 (VODOPOL)

HAS 13 from April 4 to April 14 (DAY SEMARGL)

HAS 14 from April 15 to April 22 (LELNIK)

HAS 15 from April 22 to April 30 (RADONITSA)

HAS 16 from May 1 to May 2 (ZHIVA DAY)

HAS 17 from May 3 to May 6 (DAY DAZHDBOG)

HAS 18 from May 7 to May 10 (VESHNEE MAKOSHIE)

HAS 19 from May 11 to May 14 (NAVII DAY)

HAS 20 from May 15 to May 22 (JARILO WET)

HAS 21 from May 23 to June 23 (AGRAFENA KUPALNITSA)

HAS 22 from June 24 to July 12 (SHEAF DAY OF VELES)

HAS 23 from July 13 to August 7 (FIRST SHEAF DAY)

HAS 24 from August 8 to August 20 (SPOZHINKI)

HAS 25 from August 21 to September 14 (DAY OF FIRE VOLH)

HAS 26 from September 15 to September 21 (DAY OF SVAROG)

HAS 27 from September 22 to November 1 (VELES NIGHT)

HAS 28 from November 2 to November 21 (KARATCHUN)

HAS 29 from November 22 to December 30 (SUN BABY CHRISTMAS CARLOS)

HAS 30 from December 31 to January 5 (SCHEDERETS)


Applications in electronic form are accepted in the formats cabrilo, txt, word, Excel to the address rk6ax@drc-sochi.ru

To send paper applications to the address:
Lukashov Valentin Viktorovich
box 77 Sochi


Diplomas are issued in an electronic and paper look.
Cost of the diploma in electronic form:

- For clubmen of DRC - 20 CENT;

- For other applicants - 40 CENT.


The cost of the paper laminated diploma - 5 €.

You watch a payment procedure in the section Payment of DRC Diplomas

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