***Радиоклуб «Дельфины» создан группой радиолюбителей - единомышленников в небольшом поселке Лазаревское, на побережье Черного моря. Клуб является виртуальным объединением людей, имеющих разные интересы в области любительской радиосвязи на коротких и ультракоротких волнах. В клуб принимаются все радиолюбители мира, желающие общаться, участвовать в дипломных программах, любители соревнований.***
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Club law



1 General Provisions

  1.1. Amateur Radio Club " Dolphins " (further reading DRC-Dolphins Radio Club)) is a voluntary non-political , non-profit public association of radio amateurs , conducting and communicating by radio amateur frequencies by any means of communication to get involved with diplomas and degree programs that respect the honor and dignity of every amateur radio operator .

  1.2. Club membership is based on the principle of voluntariness . A member of the Club may be of any ham radio that supports the goals and objectives of the Club. Membership in the Club does not deny the right to be a member of other clubs.

Funding for the various club activities carried out by voluntary donations of personal targets .

  1.3. Management of the club exercised by the Board of the Club, which is elected by popular vote from among the members of the Club radio for 3 years . At the time of the current members of the Club Council shall elect a Chairman of the Board of the Club, which represents the interests of the Club in all areas of club activity.


2 Goals and objectives of the Club

  2.1. Association of radio amateurs interested in radio , diploma and degree programs to meet their information technology and cultural needs.

  2.2. Propaganda on the air , in order to improve radio amateur camera work.

  2.3. Exchange of experience and information.

  2.4. The establishment of friendly relations with those amateur radio organizations in the world. Participation in joint international amateur radio programs.

  2.5. Carrying out various activities aimed at promoting on-air ( radio expedition, conferences , competitions, degree programs, work with the media, etc.).

  2.6. The patriotic and mass agitation work with young people to promote their involvement in amateur radio. Provide technical assistance and information for beginners amateurs.


3 The order of the Club's membership

  3.1. Membership in the Club is carried out on the basis of a personal statement ham, pp.1.2 to meet the requirements of this Charter.

  3.2. The decision on admission to the Club accepts Club Council within three days of receipt of the application by the candidate. In this case, the Board of the Club is obliged to introduce the candidate to the members of the Club with the Charter , as well as to inform the applicant of his rights and obligations for the period of membership. Denial of admission to the Club can not be motivated by political, religious, national, financial, emotional considerations. The specific procedure for admission to the club is determined by the Board of the Club, provided that it is consistent with the Charter of the Club and is available for review through the print and electronic news reports of the Club.

  3.3. Members of the club who have made significant contributions to the development of radio and amateur radio, as well as to achieve the statutory goals of the club, can be taken in guests of the Club. The decision on admission to guests of the Club adopted by the Council with the consent of the club face , received Honorary Members. The status of honorary members is determined by the position adopted by the Council of the club.

  3.4. Club member has the right to voluntarily withdraw from the Club, nor does it incur any material liability to the Club , as well as the club in front of him.

  3.5. The exception to the Club is a last resort and can only be applied after the prevention of abuse of club discipline. Possible exception of the Club in the event of a breach of club ethics, leading to the discrediting of both the Club, its ideas and goals , as well as individual members of the Club.


4 Club member is entitled to:

  4.1. Take part in all events organized by the Club.

  4.2. Disclose their membership in the Club while working on the air. Use the membership number and club symbols on their cards, receipts.

  4.3. To elect and be elected to the Board of the Club.

  4.4. Refer to the Council of the Club with suggestions, comments to improve the club work or eliminate existing shortcomings.

  4.5. Receive any information relating to the activities of the Club.

  4.6. Count on the support of the Club at a resolution of a dispute regarding his amateur interest.


5 A member of the Club shall:

  5.1. Comply with the Charter Club.

  5.2 . Take part in the life of the Club ("round tables", competition, degree programs, online forum, providing interesting content for the site.

  5.3. Render all possible assistance to the Board of the Club in the conduct of club events.

  5.4. Promote club and work on the air.

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