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Diploma program "Forgotten lessons"

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Forgotten lessons I

Forgotten lessons II

Forgotten lessons III

Forgotten lessons IV

Forgotten lessons V

Forgotten lessons VI

Forgotten lessons VII

Forgotten lessons VIII

Forgotten lessons IX

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Forgotten lessons Trophy

Dploma program "Forgotten lessons"


The Russian history is rich, but to capture all events from life of the state very difficult. There are events to which, do not attach great value or just forgot.

Our purpose - restoration, unfairly forgotten memory of the people who showed courage, sharpness, heroism during the different periods of History of the State.


The degree program "The Forgotten Lessons" was created on the truthful facts which occurred in various time. Many facts open just now and, the majority, just do not know about it.

If the degree program opens for you that that new what you did not know about, so we achieved the objectives.


Conditions of diplomas are various. Whenever possible, they were formed in the place of an event, time and other factors. If are, some remarks, we with gratitude will accept them and we will try to correct. Thanks!


The diploma is issued to all licensed radio fans (observers) of the world.

For the diploma the radio communications which are carried out on any amateur HF bands (including WARC) since 01.01.2015 are set off. To offset there are radio communications which are carried out by any kinds of radiation.

Confirmation by QSL cards is not required, everything is based on honesty and conscientiousness.


Conditions for receiving each of separate diplomas are given below.


Applications in electronic form are accepted in the formats cabrilo, txt, word, Excel to the address rk6ax@drc-sochi.ru

To send paper applications to the address:
Lukashov Valentin Viktorovich
box 77 Sochi


Diplomas are issued in an electronic and paper look.
Cost of the diploma in electronic form:

- For clubmen of DRC - 20 CENT;

- For other applicants - 40 CENT.


The cost of the paper laminated diploma - 5 €.

You watch a payment procedure in the section Payment of DRC Diplomas


Diploma "Forgotten lessons I"

July 1, 1960 US AIRCRAFT- reconnaissance RB-47, through the fault of their commanders, who did not know the geography, violated the Soviet border in the Kola Peninsula, despite the fact that since the destruction of the aircraft over Soviet territory by U-2 Powers, was exactly two months .


Six members of the US plane did not even suspected that the four of them performed his last flight to eternity, sunuvshis to "Soviet cape Saint Nose to get in their sinful nose.


In this area the Soviet air defense responsibility on that day on duty were two aircraft-interceptor MiG-19 and Su-9. The air of the MiG-19 has been raised, with the captain Vasili Poliakov, on a mission to find the target and visually set the board number of the aircraft.

At that time the whole world just started digesting the scandal with downed American plane Francis Powers.

The aircraft-interceptor designed to quickly overtake, to find and destroy the air violator of the state border, if the offender refuses to obey his commands.


And the time for long meditations on the pilot interceptor absolutely not - the fuel supply is severely limited only to the terms of the task

In confirmation of the above will bring this fact - Captain Polyakov, to save time did not wear high-altitude suit (on this operation took six minutes), because the main thing - to do the job, but for the price, we do not stand up ...

Polyakov, discover the American reconnaissance plane, reported to their fathers-commanders, the Americans did not respond to a Soviet fighter maneuvers, and persistently demanded further instructions.

And from that moment began, interesting ...

None of the Soviet generals did not want to become the instigator of a third world war, so everyone started feverishly to think what actions to take in a given situation In contrast to the commanders, four captain's stars, do not interfere with Vasily Polyakov sober assessment of the situation in which he found himself.


After waiting as long as possible without getting on its repeated requests for a specific order, the Soviet pilot took all the initiative in their hands - an American plane shot down a pair of bursts of two 30-mm guns, firing 111 shells into it.

RB-47 caught fire and crashed into the sea.


Captain Vasily Polyakov was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, and the American pilots have learned all that you need to be afraid not so much of Soviet generals, many ordinary Soviet pilots.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out 10 QSO

Obligatory radio communications:

Murmansk Region of the Region 5 QSO

Arkhangelsk Region 5 QSO


Diploma "Forgotten lessons II"

May 1, 1960 a US spy plane Lockheed U-2, piloted by Francis Powers (Francis Powers), violated Soviet airspace and was shot down near the city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg).


It was not the first flight, a perfect U-2 over Soviet territory. This plane, the height of which the flight was 20-24 kilometers, ideal for espionage purposes, because it was out of reach for either fighter, or for anti-aircraft gunners.


The technical superiority of the high-altitude spy on all other machines of this type has allowed the Americans for several years with impunity, fly over the critical sites on the territory of the USSR. For invulnerability to means of air defense named Dragon Lady ( "Dragon Lady") in the United States U-2.


Attempts to intercept American high-altitude intelligence, violated the airspace of the Soviet Union, made repeatedly by Soviet MiG-19, but the difference in altitude did not allow them to shoot down the intruder.

flight route ran through Afghanistan, a significant part of the territory of the USSR - the Aral Sea, Sverdlovsk, Kirov and Plesetsk - and ends at the air base of Bodø in Norway.


8.53 In the first rocket fired SAM-75 came to the U-2's rear, but the radio fuse load prematurely. The explosion tore off the tail of the airplane, and the car klyunuv nose began to fall. Pilot Powers did not use the ejection seat because it was located under the charge on the destruction of the pilot and the machine.

Powers landed near the Ural village, where he was captured by the locals. Later, the pilot brought the helicopter airfield near Sverdlovsk and then sent to Moscow.


Servicemen who distinguished themselves in the operation to destroy the spy plane, were awarded. Orders and medals received 21 people, Red Banner was awarded to Senior Lieutenant Sergey Safronov and commanders of air defense missile divisions.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out 10 radio communications (observations) with Sverdlovsk region.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons III"

Detect US civilian planes have helped sailors from the Soviet Ferry "Heroes of Shipka". They had just passed the Bosphorus, and asked them to look for Americans. They fulfilled the request and gave the exact coordinates. Ships, like two years ago, went straight to Sevastopol ...

"The first blow was easy ..."

"When we came closer to our waters, we began to warn them:" Your course leads to the Soviet territorial waters to change course! "- But to listen to us, they did not think. All the time, replied: "We do not break anything." Up to a certain point it was.

The first crossed the state border of the USSR, "Caron". On his interception went SCR-6. He had to make a "bulk" - going on a parallel course, scour, to push the opponent to pounce on its board his ship weight and force to change course. However, the bulk SKR-6 appeared as the elephant a pellet: American cruiser was five times more, we just patrol thrown.

Following in the Soviet entered the water, "New York Town". And then Captain 2 rank Bogdashin accelerated progress "selfless" and went on the rapid convergence of the cruiser ... He knew the circumstances require strong action.

"The first blow was relatively easy - recalls Bogdashin. - His starboard we have touched on a speed to port "Yorktown". It was a glancing blow, we have taken down the ladder to the Americans in the area of the navigation bridge. From the shore we were ordered to move and continue watching, but I do this could not ...

"Demolished heliport, missiles ..."

The second blow was inevitable: "Following contact the ship was deployed to the left. There was a danger of hitting its stern stern "Yorktown". And our "whole-hearted" aft positioned and prepared to fire four torpedo tubes. Torpedoes from the impact could detonate. We cruiser stuck too ready to fight four settings "Harpoon", "...

And the captain, in a situation takes only right decision: to announce to the crew that the ship is going to ram, takes the wheel sharply to the right and then hit "Yorktown". This time the blow was more significant: "wholeheartedly" his nose "jumped" to the guest and went to destroy everything that was in addition the stern: those "Harpoons", helipad, of guard fence ...


"Right anchor (and it weighs 3 tons) was launched, and he, too, tumbled on their deck. At some point, he went to them into the side, looked up and flew away into the sea. After that, we threw each other. As it turned out, the guard-the blow tore titanium Bulba (this convex protrusion at the bow below the waterline, and the engines are moved a few centimeters. "

"Midshipman wanted to steal a rocket!"

An exciting "battle" lasted. The destroyer "Caron" tried to help and take a "whole-hearted" in a pincer movement from the left side. Even the helicopter rolled on the ground. However, there were still four of our ship and turntables, which hovered over the sea, clearly given to understand that you should not do. "Guests" hint evaluated correctly: a helicopter driven back, quickly jumped in neutral waters and hove. "Selfless" I followed.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

From the last letters of suffixes of the Russian stations to gather BEZZAVETNY phrase.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons IV"

June 21, 1978 at 06:21 duty shift ground radar post located near Ashgabat, Turkmenistan discovered near the village Dushak (15-20 km from the border), four sites.

At 6:52 on the decision of the deputy commander of 152 IAP Lieutenant Colonel Yu Miloslavsky the air was raised by the MiG-23 under the control of the captain V.I. Shkinder. He flew helicopters for closer, identified them as belonging Imperial Iranian Air Force and received the order to attack. Two homing missiles R-60, he struck the closest helicopter, which fell in Gyaurs near the village and burned to the ground. 8 members of his crew were killed. Next "Chinook" turned around and headed towards the Iranian border, but B. Shkinder caught up with him and damaged the engine, firing 72 shells from the gun GS-23. The helicopter made an emergency landing on Soviet territory in the area Gyaursskoy frontier, 4 of its crew members were detained by border guards. "Chinook" leading pair managed to escape to Iran.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

To make SHKINDER phrase of the first letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations


Diploma "Forgotten lessons V"

August 6, 1915 the second was for the defenders Osovets black day: the Germans used poison gas. The gas attack, they prepared thoroughly for more than 10 days of patiently waiting for the right wind direction. Has deployed 30 batteries carefully disguised gas a few thousand bottles. At 4 am on Russian positions flowed dark green mist mixture of chlorine with bromine, which reached them for 5-10 minutes. Gas wave of 12-15 meters in height and a width of 8 km ahead penetrated to a depth of 20 km. Gas masks have defenders was not ... "All living outdoors in the bridgehead fortress was poisoned to death. All the herbs in the fortress and in the immediate area of the path of movement of gases has been destroyed, the trees turned yellow leaves, curled up and fell off, the grass turned black and fell to the ground, circled flower petals. " Poisonous gas killed all the living, who breathed the air at a distance of 12 km. Witnesses told nothing on the horizon to be seen, was pitch silence fell even the birds fly over the attack place ... it looked terrible ...


9th, 10th and 11th Company Regiment Zemlyansky killed entirely, 12 th company left about 40 people at a machine gun; from three companies, defended Byalogrondy, had about 60 people on two machine guns.


Here are his own words German general Ludendorff: "8th Army vdvinulas in the narrow space between the Narev and Bialystok for taking the south Osovtsa". 14 battalions of Landwehr, not less than 7 thousand people marched behind a wave of gases. They were not going to attack. In the sweep. I am confident that the living will not meet. What happened next ...


"When the German circuit close to the trenches, from deep-green chlorine fog descended on them ... counter-attacking Russian infantry. The sight was horrifying: the men were in a bayonet with people wrapped in rags, shaking with terrible bloody cough, lung literally spitting out pieces on the bloodstained tunic, many struggled in its death throes, but stayed on his feet. These were the remains of the 13th Company 226 th Infantry Regiment Zemlyansky, a little more than 60 people. But they plunged the enemy into such horror that the German infantry, not accepting the fight, rushed back, trampling each other and hanging on the barbed wire of their own. And it enveloped with chlorine clubs Russian batteries began to beat, it seemed, already deceased artillery. Dozens of half-dead Russian soldiers put to flight three German infantry regiment! Nothing like a martial art world did not know ...


With this saw seven thousand Germans? If these 60 people shot - and even shot a heck of a label, not a poisoned dying-humans - they would not even notice. But these 60 people just got up, staggered, each by itself, and silently went to the bayonet charge. And seven thousand Germans ran ...



Conditions of obtaining diploma:

To make a phrase of THEY WONTED TO LIVE of the first letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons VI"

Kolya  Sirotin dropped in 19 years to challenge the adage "One man is no man." But he did not become a legend of the Great Patriotic War.

The summer of 1941 in the Belarusian town of Krichev broke 4th Panzer Division of Heinz Guderian, one of the most talented German-tank generals. Part of the 13th Soviet Army retreated. I do not retreat only Kolya gunner Sirotin - just a boy, a small, quiet, puny.

The morning of July 17 on the highway seemed a column of German tanks.


- Nick took up a position on a hill right on the collective farm field. The gun was drowning in high rye, but it was clearly visible and the highway bridge over the creek.


When the head tank left on the bridge, Kohl's first shot knocked him. The second shell set fire to an armored personnel carrier, bringing up the rear.

Two tanks tried to sneak the head tank from the bridge, but also were hit. Armored vehicle tried to overcome the river Dobrost not on the bridge. But stuck in the marshy shore, where he found her the next round. Kohl shot and shot, knocking the tank for the tank ...

Guderian's tanks ran into a K. Sirotin as in the Brest Fortress. Already burned 11 tanks, armored personnel carriers and 6! Nearly two hours of this strange fight the Germans could not understand where the entrenched Russian battery. And when they came to Colin position in that there are only three rounds. They offered to surrender. Kohl said firing on them from a carbine.


This, the last battle was short-lived ...

These words of Lieutenant of the 4th Armored Division Henfeld wrote in his diary: "July 17, 1941. Falconer, near Krichev. Night buried an unknown Russian soldier. He alone stood by the gun shot long column of tanks and infantry, and was killed. All were amazed at his courage ... Oberst (Colonel) in front of the tomb said that if all the soldiers of the Führer fought like the Russian, he would have conquered the whole world. Three times fired volleys from rifles. Still, he was a Russian, there is a worship necessary? ".


The Nazis long after the funeral stood at the guns and graves in the middle of the collective farm fields, not without admiration for counting shots and hits.

Sergeant N. Sirotin native of Eagle. He was awarded the Order of Patriotic War I degree posthumously.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

It is necessary to carry out 5 QSO with Belarus and 5 QSO with the Oryol region.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons VII"

August 24, 1976 - 2 F-100 fighter-bombers "Super Sabre" (Turkish Air Force) intruded into Soviet air space. One of them was shot down by Soviet anti-aircraft missile system - the pilot ejected and landed in the territory of Turkey.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to make NAZIDANIE phrase of any letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.

From each suffix of a call sign it is possible to take only one letter.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons VIII"

The crew of the KV-1 lieutenant Zinovy Kolobanova included: gun commander Senior Sergeant Andrew Usov, senior driver-mechanic foreman Nikolai Nikiforov, the younger a driver Red Army Nikolai springs and gunner-radio operator Sergeant Paul Kiselkov.

After receiving the order, Kolobanov put the combat mission: to stop the enemy tanks, so in each of the five company cars were loaded with two ammunition armor-piercing shells.


Finally, there were the long-awaited "guests" - a column of German light tanks, consisting of 22 cars.

The first three volleys of head tank, then the gun commander Usov suffered a fire in the tail of the column was stopped. As a result, the Germans lost opportunities for maneuver and could not leave the zone of fire


At the same time the tank was discovered Kolobanova enemy that unleashed heavy fire on it.

Soon, masking KV-1 had nothing left, German shells struck the Soviet tank tower, but it could not break through.


Within 30 minutes of battle the crew of lieutenant Kolobanova destroyed all the 22 tanks that were in the convoy.


A similar result in a tank battle could not reach anyone, including the vaunted German tank aces. This achievement was later recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

When the fighting died down, Kolobanov with subordinates found at armor traces from more than 150 German shells hit. But reliable armor KV-1 stood still.

Unofficial hero

At the beginning of September 1941, all crew members Zinovy Kolobanova were presented to the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union. But the high command did not consider that the tank feat worthy of such a high valuation. Zinovy Kolobanova awarded the Order of the Red Banner, Andrew Usov - the Order of Lenin, Nikolai Nikiforov - Order of the Red Banner, and Nikolay Rodnikova Kiselkova and Paul - the Order of the Red Star.


It seems that the authorities hesitated to the fact that the summer of 1941, Soviet tankers were so brutally smash the Nazis. Such feats do not fit into the conventional picture of the first months of the war.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

To make a phrase of any letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations THIRTY MINUTES.

From each suffix of a call sign it is possible to take only one letter.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons IX"

To this diploma comments are excessive.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out 6 QSO.

Obligatory communications:

Japan 3 QSO

Khabarovsk Krai 1 QSO

Primorsky Krai 1 QSO

Sakhalin Region 1 QSO


Diploma "Forgotten lessons X"

To this diploma also comments are excessive.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to collect 20 various prefixes of signal radio stations of Russia.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XI"

Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma "The forgotten lessons XI" it is necessary to gain all previous diplomas of a series.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XII"

August 7, 1941 at 21 o'clock nine bombers, IL-4, led by a colonel Preobrazhensky has risen from the airport Cahul, Samareaa island. On the route was cloudy. Within two and a half hours the bombers went over the sea of clouds. Flight altitude - 6500 meters, temperature overboard minus 38. At the approach to the coast of Germany, Cloudy gone down light city lights. Machines were on target along the motorway Stettin - Berlin. The job was done.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

To make a phrase of any letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations "NOT FORGOTTEN".

From each suffix of a call sign it is possible to take only one letter.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XIII"

This story took place in the days of ardent friendship between the USSR and Cuba. Then our long-range strategic bombers Tu-95 regularly circling around Cuba.


Flying over the ocean, one Tu-95, flying, nobody touches, and flies to his American side interceptor (just the rate of the Tu-95 was an aircraft carrier of the state).

American pilot decided to make a joke and motioned "Sit down!"

Our we asked again:

- "Sit down ?!".

- «Yes!»

- "On an aircraft carrier ?!"

- «Yes!»

- "Ok" - said Russian and approaching the aircraft carrier went to the landing ...

But they went in to land ... .. have lowered the height and speed ... we have put forward all its flaps and slats .... Zadran nose .... Even the landing gear !!!

Americans simply were shocked to see that now they will sit down this machine, and from the deck, aircraft, people and buildings leave one deck, began to jump in the water !! A nasty little height - approximately 9-storey building.

Our pilots laughed and flew to the base.

After that, the jokes stopped.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For implementation of the diploma it is necessary to make TUPOLEV phrase of the first letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XIV"

  1. KV-2 tank was left to cover the frontline....

At that time, the Germans did not have any guns, able to overpower his armor. When he shot ammunition, tankers, in theory, we should have a tank to undermine and go, but did not have time. HF stalled. The Germans surrounded the tank, the crew attempted to take prisoners, but tankers tightly closed in the tank. Then the Germans drove two T-3, hitched their cables to feed HF and tried to drag to the location of the tank. Unwittingly, they brought HF "with pusher". Then HF calmly dragged the two German tanks to the location of Soviet troops. The crews of enemy tanks, while he was carrying them, managed to jump out and escape.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out 5 QSO with the radio stations having figure 2 in a prefix of a call sign.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XV"

In all armies of the world have always been appreciated highly trained snipers, but especially snipers value increased during the Second World War.

Unfortunately, there is no precise data about the fascists destroyed during the period of the Great Patriotic War. But even the most conservative estimates, this number is closer to 70,000.

During the war, 70 snipers became Heroes of the Soviet Union.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to make SNIPERS phrase of the last letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XVI"

Djulbars - the hero of the Great Patriotic War, a soldier of the 14th Assault engineering-sapper brigade, was awarded the medal "For Service in Battle" and honored to be zipped on Red Square during the Victory Parade in Moscow in 1945, Joseph Stalin tunic.

This is the legendary dog-sappers - Alsatian dog, which thanks to their phenomenal abilities in the period from September 1944 to August 1945, participating in demining areas of Hungary, Romania, Austria, Czechoslovakia and other countries, and found a 7468 min about 150 shells.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to make DJULBARS phrase of the first letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XVII"

Many think that Russia has never been at war with the United States, but it is not.

Clashes were, and they could develop into something more.

Diplomacy kept the world from World War III between the superpowers.

Not a lot of stories about the air war on the United States and Russia over the Korean Peninsula.

April 12, 1951, Americans have called "Black Thursday". In aerial combat over Korea Soviet pilots managed to shoot down 12 US B-29 bombers, which were called "SUPERFORTRES" and considers this to virtually invulnerable.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to make VIETNAM phrase of the first letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XVIII"

Immediately after the "Decree on Peace" and the armistice with Germany, Soviet Russia on the Eastern Front, December 3, 1917 the United States, France, Britain and the allied countries decided on the division of the former Russian Empire on the area of interest.

It was a question of establishing links with local and national governments declaration of independence of Ukraine, Belarus, the Caucasus, Poland, Finland and other Baltic countries, as well as the Far East. A month later, at a special convention, Britain and France divided the Russian invasion in the sector.

French zone would consist of Bessarabia, the Ukraine and the Crimea, and English - of the territories of the Cossacks, the Caucasus, Armenia, Georgia and Kurdistan. The US government, remaining in the shadows, adopted the report of the Secretary of State Lansing on covert support of the British and French initiatives.

According to historian Kirmel, in the annex to the map of the "New Russia", compiled by the US State Department, said: "All Russia should be divided into large natural regions, each with its own economic life. However, no one area should not be self-sufficient in order to form a strong state. "

The threat to Russia's integrity was not only from the West but from the East. February 26, 1918 Allied Commander in Chief Marshal Foch declared that "America and Japan are to meet Germany in Siberia - they are able to do it." It was the start of campaigning for Japan's military intervention in the Far East. Already March 5 newspaper Daily mail has insisted on the need for Japan's invitation to Siberia and the creation of "Asian Russia", in contrast to Europe, under the authority of the Soviets.

The fate of invaders known.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

To make INTERVENTION phrase of the last letters of a suffix of a call sign of the Russian stations.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XIX"

The prisoner - a man (soldier), captured enemy prisoners.

At the beginning of the military conflict, often fall into captivity defender. But the one who was attacked, not thinking about the consequences. Very often the aggressor receives position feedback and is in a position of humiliation.

This diplom- reminder of the possible fate of the people who started the war.


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to gather a phrase of "FATE OF CONQUEROR" from the first letters of a suffix of signal any radio stations of the world.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons XX"

Recently Slavic world has become unpredictable. Many countries have forgotten their history and roots. Nevertheless, it is impossible to change history!


Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to carry out radio communications (observation) with 10 countries of the Slavic world.


Diploma "Forgotten lessons Trophy"

Conditions of obtaining diploma:

For obtaining the diploma "The forgotten lessons Trophy" it is necessary to gain all 20 diplomas of a series.


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