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Diploma «Amazon hundred»

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Diploma «Amazon hundred»


In memory of the first woman of the Russian officer, captain of the Amazon hundred, Elena Sarandova.

Historical reference.


It was 1787. In the Russian Empire were preparing for the grandiose journey of Catherine II to the south. Travel was a kind of political demonstration in front of all of Europe.


The most outstanding Prince G. Potemkin-Tavrichesky was in charge of the journey. The prince carried out the assignment with great scope and imagination. The Most Serene Prince prepared many surprises, among which were the Amazons.

Earlier in the name of the commander of the Balaklava Regiment, Prime Minister Chaponi, Prince Potemkin's warrant was delivered. After reading it, even the impudent Chaponi was stupefied.


Alarmingly alarmed, Chaponi summoned Captain Sarandov:

- God Himself told you to fulfill the whim of the prince: immediately select, dress and arm the company of the most priceless women. And that the masculine spirit in it does not smell. The commander of the detachment will be your wife, brisk Elena Ivanovna.

Created by the efforts of Grigory Potemkin in the spring of 1787, the Amazon company really turned out to be magnificent. Under the guidance of experienced combat officers of the Balaklava Regiment of noble maidens, most of whom were wives or daughters of officers, they created this division. Women have learned to ride perfectly, skillfully rebuilding and observing the system, fencing with sabers and shooting with a volley from rifles.


The commander of the women's company Potemkin put the wife of the captain Elena Ivanovna Sarandova.

In an honorable formation the company met Catherine near the village of Kadykovka, near Balaklava. And in a huge avenue, dotted with fragrant orange and laurel trees, a women's company lined up to meet the Empress. The commander, dark-skinned and well Elena Sarandova looked again at the subordinates. Beneath each one a beautiful horse pranced.


Elegant heads crowned, magnificent ostrich feathers. Do not want to, but look at the warriors of warriors!

The Empress, a demon in a skirt, herself flaunted in her youth in the uniform of the Preobrazhensky regiment, appreciated the convoy of the Amazons, their bearing. She kissed Saranda's embarrassed lips and patted her on the shoulder.

"Congratulations, Amazonian captain. Your company is quite serviceable, I am very pleased with it. You can compete even with Cossack Udalts, but I think that they can not save themselves from a single Amazon, "laughed the crazy Empress.

"I do not know of such an unusual women's company from any sovereign of Europe." My brave Amazons are worthy of rewards.

Commander of the Amazons, Elena Sarandova, the empress immediately appropriated the rank of captain and awarded the expensive diamond ring.


So in Russia appeared the first female officer.

The diploma was established by the radio club "Dolphins" - DRC and MO SRR Sochi in memory of the first female officer of Russia, Elena Sarandova.


Conditions of implementation of the diploma:

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to score 100 points for QSO with stations of Russia.

Addition of points:

QSO with stations of Russia - 1 point

QSO since. St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (R1A, R1C) – 3 points

QSO with Moscow and the Moscow region (R3A, R3D) - 3 points

QSO with Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics (UR-I, UR-M) – 3 points

QSO with the Republic of Crimea (R6K, R6R) - 5 points

QSO with the female radio fan (YL) - 10 points.

Women - to the radio fans wishing to gain the diploma need to carry out 100 QSO with stations of Russia.


For the diploma the radio communications which are carried out on any amateur HF bands (including WARC) since 01.03.2017, are set off by different types of radiation. Repeated radio communications are set off on different ranges.


Applications in electronic form are accepted in the formats cabrilo, txt, word, Excel to the address rk6ax@drc-sochi.ru

To send paper applications to the address:
Lukashov Valentin Viktorovich
box 77 Sochi


Diplomas are issued in an electronic and paper look.
Cost of the diploma in electronic form:

- For clubmen of DRC - 20 CENT;

- For other applicants - 40 CENT.


The cost of the paper laminated diploma - 5 €.

You watch a payment procedure in the section Payment of DRC Diplomas


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